Russell's Plaice


  • When was your catch landed and is it fresh?  We land our fish and shellfish within hours of being caught.  This method means that our customers will have the freshest fish and shellfish that the south coast has to offer. 
  • Will everything already be prepared? No. Please ask us if you would like anything prepared. 
  • How do I cook it? Please ask us and we will be more than happy to recommend a method.
  • Has anything been previously frozen? No. All our fish is fresh and can be frozen by our customers. 
  • Are your Seabass farmed? No. You will never find farmed Seabass on our counter.
  • What do you do with your Catch landed in the week? We sell our catch to restaurants and markets. 
  • Do you accept card? Yes however we do not accept some cards for example Amex.
  • Sustainable fisheries? leaving enough stock in the ocean protecting habitats and threatened species. fishermen are actually very protective of the sea. I use low impact methods when fishing for example rod and line is one of our methods used. We assist authorities to ensure a strong fishery for the future. 
  • Why do you offer pre-orders? when we have specific orders. I will contact our customer to confirm that we have landed it. For example if we land 2 lobsters they will be offered to the first person on our pre-order list. Please note ALL pre-orders are confirmed by us via text/ email or phone.